Islamic and Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy, along with Ottoman and Persian calligraphies, make up for the broad Islamic calligraphy seen in religious artwork and various documents and books.

Islamic calligraphy can be used in many art forms and can even be incorporated in interior décor. From calligraphy paintings, to wall stickers and decals featuring Islamic writings in fancy calligraphy fonts, to decorative plaques with religious writing, and so on.

In terms of books, the most popular book that features beautiful, fancy Arabic calligraphy is unsurprisingly the Holy Book of Muslims, i.e. the Quran.

Ancient poetry and history books also often used calligraphy in their texts.

Nowadays, Arabic calligraphy is still present in some Qurans, and can be found more easily in books about the history of Islamic writing or Arabic calligraphy, or those teaching how to write Arabic calligraphy.