The name “Sabrina/Sabreena” has an emphatic “S” for me. There is a different form to write it in if “S” is softer.
This name has many origins and many meanings, but I couldn’t find any Arabic meaning for it. “Sabrina/Sabreena” looks like it derives from “Sabr” meaning “patience” in Arabic. And “Sabrine/Sabreen”‘ -a variant of “Sabrina/Sabreena”-, means “patient” (masculine plural) in Arabic.

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  1. Anonymous
    21/01/2008 at 5:10 pm

    I have recently returned home from Egypt. And everyone who has visited Egypt will know that very often people will stop you ask wher you are from, and what is your name? And alot of Egyptian men told me that my name ‘Sabrina’ is arabic. Do the egyptians tell western women that they have an arabic name? Is it another way to chat us up? Or do i have an arabic name?

  2. 26/01/2008 at 3:46 pm

    Sabrina is a common name for Egyptians, they have a movie star called Sabreen, so no wonder they think the name is Arabic.
    Also, as I mentioned in the post, the word “sabreen” is the adjective “patient” [from patience] in plural. But the name Sabreena is not totally Arabic, I think.

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